The Theory of EvolutionTM is derived from the
writings of one Charles "Chuck" Darwin, an 18th
century physicist and poet.

Darwin's Theory is that the fittest or most adaptable
member of any given species will survive. This is quite
unusual as Chuck was a pasty and sickly boy, prone to
long hospital stays due to infectuous bouts with
everything from pneumonia to paper cuts. How odd it
is then that the man who originated this theorem was
himself a very poor example of any lifeform, let
alone his own species.

By his very existance Darwin disproved the theory
he dedicated his life to, and was summarily discharged
from the Royal and Ancient Order of Scientists and
Other Odd Fellowes. He ended up a destitute after
residing in burrowed out holes in the streets of his
beloved England, not unlike the moles he once studied.