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Original Air Date:January 10, 2004
Guest Star:Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
Trivia:Special thanks to Craig Clark for providing this transcript.

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(Desert planet. In a wide shot, Space Ghost, Moltar and Zorak are sitting at their usual commissary table by a campfire. A hooting owl can be heard. A shooting star falls.)

(Space Ghost is holding his head.)

Moltar: Are we still canoeing later?

Space Ghost: (quickly jerking head up) I'm awake! (sips his coffee)

Zorak: No time for canoeing. We have a foundation to--

Space Ghost: (interrupting) What was he about to say, Moltar?

Moltar: Well, we run a foundation for inner-city Chinese children, ehh, who we first fire-proof, and then we set 'em on fire to see if it worked -- and it often does.

(As he talks, we hear a wolf howl off in the distance.)

Space Ghost: Huh. People pay you for this?

Zorak: They pay us to put 'em out.

Space Ghost: I was talking to Moltar!

(Wide shot. We hear the first four notes of the theme, but it immediately fades out. Another shooting star falls.)

(Phantom Cruiser. Space Ghost, Moltar and Zorak are flying back to Ghost Planet. The view is reflected in Moltar's visor.)

Space Ghost: Well, I have a better foundation, but you'll have to miss your foundation activities if you want to see how good mine is.

Moltar: Hey, what's your foundation about?

Space Ghost: You don't know because I don't-- I not know. But one thing's for sure, there's gonna be animals!

(Exterior of Phantom Cruiser. We hear the same four notes of the theme.)

(Set. There is static on the monitor.)

Space Ghost: Moltar, where are the animals?

(Control room.)

Moltar: Umm, what animals?

Space Ghost: (on monitor) You see, Moltar...


Space Ghost: Kids are more likely to trust their investments with animals.

Zorak: We could just get some poor people and treat 'em like animals.

Space Ghost: Zorak, write this down: No.

(Zorak stares back at him.)

(Control room.)

Space Ghost: (on monitor) Moltar, get me Lassie so I can raise money for retardos.

Moltar: Okay.

(He pulls lever. "FEED SEARCH STANDBY" pops up on screen briefly, followed by quick shots of George W. Bush on CNN, Mujibar and Sirajul from "Hungry," and a can of Diddley Squat, finishing up on Lassie, who barks a few times.)

(Set. Space Ghost watches as Lassie barks a couple more times.)

Space Ghost: Moltar, how much money's come in?

(Control room. On the monitor it says "TOTAL $0000.00" over the shot of Lassie.)

Moltar: (pointing at total) Uhh, none. None money.


Space Ghost: That is such b.s. I told--

Zorak: Hey, brother! Hey, brother!

Space Ghost: What?

Zorak: You want to make a lot of money?

Space Ghost: How? Blow this dog up?

Zorak: Umm...

Space Ghost: There's probably a lot of money in that.

(Lassie looks confused.)

Zorak: Okay, yeah. Sure.

(Lassie barks and Space Ghost blasts him into a cartoon puff of smoke.)

Space Ghost: Uhh, Moltar. Now how much money?

(Control room.)

Moltar: Uhh... (garbled) none.

Space Ghost: (on monitor) Get me a cuter animal!

Moltar: Okay, I'm on it.

(Set. On the monitor, "FEED SEARCH STANDBY" pops up again, then Triumph the Insult Comic Dog fades in. Over the course of the interview, he gains and loses his cigar repeatedly.)

Triumph: Good evening, folks. I don't know what to say--

Space Ghost: Hello, little fella! What's your name?

Triumph: Oh, yes. Here we go.

Space Ghost: (in cutesy voice) What's your name, poochie?

Triumph: Don't (BLEEP) with me.

Space Ghost: Ooh, doggie's got teeth.

Triumph: Get to the plug.

Space Ghost: Oh, my.

Triumph: Get to the (BLEEP)ing plug already.

Space Ghost: What's your name, little fella?

Triumph: Look, you want to know about the dog, you come over here and smell my ass like everybody else.

Space Ghost: Fair enough. (flies off)

(Zorak stares at monitor. There is the sound of someone walking up behind Triumph, kneeling down and sniffing.)

Triumph: What's going on here? What are you--

(Space Ghost's head pops up behind Triumph.)

Space Ghost: Bring it closer. (goes down again)

Triumph: (repositioning himself) Fine.

(Control room. Moltar watches as Space Ghost sniffs Triumph's behind.)

Triumph: (on monitor) This is the lowest point in my career since I was groped by that (BLEEP)ing ALF puppet.

Moltar: Sorry.

Triumph: Anyway... (lowers head, sighs)

(Set. On monitor, Triumph hears a cel phone ringing.)

Triumph: What the hell?

Space Ghost: (muffled) Mm hmm?

Triumph: Are you kidding?

Space Ghost: Oh, hey.

Triumph: Holy (BLEEP).

(Zorak turns his head to look.)

Space Ghost: No, I don't have a cold, but my nose /is/ shoved up a dog's ass.

Triumph: What is this, eh?

Space Ghost: I'm in space. Where'd you think I was?

Triumph: What, is that where we are? Space?

Space Ghost: Shh.

Triumph: (mocking) Ooh, we're in outer space!

Space Ghost: (popping up again) Please shut up, dog. I'm on the phone.

Triumph: Space Ghost-- Get to the plug.

Space Ghost: (muffled) Uh huh.

Triumph: Let's talk about my beautiful singing voice.

Space Ghost: I count seven creases.

Triumph: What?

Space Ghost: Hang on, I'll send you a picture.

Triumph: Uhh... (flash goes off)

Space Ghost: Did you get the picture?

Triumph: Ehh...

Space Ghost: Thank you. (invisos back to set, waves) That dog's ass had some great promotional offers.

Triumph: Who watches this show?

Space Ghost: Don't know.

Triumph: Anybody?

Space Ghost: Not sure.

Triumph: Seriously?

Space Ghost: Seriously!

(Long beat.)

Triumph: There's more heat on the crap I left in your dressing room than in this show.

Space Ghost: Hang on. (into com) What do I want this dog to do, Moltar?

Moltar: (on com) I think you wanted him to be the mascot for your foundation.

Space Ghost: Thank you.

Triumph: What, are you looking for a boyfriend now?

Space Ghost: (into com) But I want Lassie to be the mascot for my foundation.

(Control room.)

Moltar: Lassie is dead.

Space Ghost: (on monitor) Ahh, damn it.


Triumph: 12:15 on Sunday night, good for you. Holy (BLEEP).

Space Ghost: (into com) Can we rebuild him?

Moltar: (on com) Uhh, I don't know. Maybe.

Space Ghost: Thank you. Good news, everybody. We're rebuilding Lassie. (to Triumph) You ever work with Lassie?

Triumph: If by "working" you mean "bang up the ass," yes, I have worked with her.

Space Ghost: (laughs nervously, to Zorak) Did you hear what that guy said?

Zorak: (after a beat) No.

Space Ghost: He said he banged a dog up the you-know-what.

Zorak: (after a beat) No.

Space Ghost: Can you say "bang a dog up the ass" on TV?

Zorak: (after a long beat, nods) No.

Space Ghost: Anything happen?

Zorak: Umm, I think some money came in.

Space Ghost: Really? Hang on. (clears throat) Okay. (to camera) I, too, banged a dog up the a--

(Quick cutaway to "PLEASE STAND BY" signal over Ghost Planet Industries drawing from "Story Book," with pleasant music.)

(Control room. "PLEASE STAND BY" in on monitor. Space Ghost has his hands on his hips.)

Space Ghost: Oh, come on, Moltar. It's not like it was alive or anything.

Moltar: They can take you off the air for that kind of shit-- Er, I mean, stuff.

Space Ghost: When did you become such a puritan?

(Space Ghost invisos back to set.)

Triumph: Can we talk about some of the songs for a second?

Space Ghost: Sure, we can talk about anything.

Triumph: Yes.

Space Ghost: So long as Sister Mary Moltar isn't in the room.

(Control room.)

Moltar: Tch, you're really digging yourself a really deep hole.

Space Ghost: (on monitor) A hole that I will bang my way out--

(Moltar pulls the lever, bringing "PLEASE STAND BY" back up, with music. It fills screen for a few seconds. When we come back to control room, Space Ghost is in there again.)

Space Ghost: Calm down with this religion.

Moltar: You know, all this salty language, see, it ain't helping the foun--

Space Ghost: All I know, Moltar, is I am trying to create a retardo-free society.

(On the monitor, Triumph's face is being sniffed by a white dog puppet.)

Moltar: Well, you'll probably have the thanks of all the retarded people watching.

Space Ghost: They're not retarded, Moltar. "Retardo" is the name of the disease, okay? I named it.

(On the monitor, Triumph is now vigorously humping the white dog.)

Space Ghost: And tonight, with this cute little dog's help... we're going to find a cure.

Triumph: (on monitor) Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

(Space Ghost invisos out.)

Moltar: Space Ghost--

Triumph: (looking at camera) What, is the song over? (dismounts white dog) Okay, okay. Nobody told me, nobody told me. Thanks, bitch.


Space Ghost: Nice!

Triumph: I'm sorry, I thought the show...

Space Ghost: (to Zorak) And this was your idea for show six.

(Zorak stares back.)

Triumph: Let's talk about something nice. Let's talk about my beautiful singing voice. Right?

Space Ghost: Okay.

Triumph: We've got a lot of cool songs on the album that break the lid off the dog industry, like "Benji's Queer." Why don't you play a little of it, Space Ghost?

Space Ghost: Moltar?

(Control room.)

Moltar: Umm. You know, we...can't.

Space Ghost: (on monitor) Why not, Mommy?

Triumph: (offscreen) Screw him!

Moltar: There's just a lot of...

Triumph: (overlapping) I've got a song about him, too!

Moltar: ...questionable content.

Triumph: Oh, yes!

Space Ghost: (on monitor) Well, here's a question: Play the song or you're fired! (to camera) And when I say "fired," I mean your job will be given to someone who can bang it up the ass pro--

("PLEASE STAND BY" and music, very briefly.)

(Control room.)

Moltar: Man, they will shut us down.

Space Ghost: Well, I bet Zorak doesn't care. Zorak, get in here! You're director now!

Moltar: Now, wait a second. Wh-what about me?

Space Ghost: You will lick my shiny boots, for you are now my dog on a leash.

(Zorak has arrived in control room with a pair of large headphones.)

Zorak: Ahem. I'm ready to direct, sir. You'll need these headphones.

Triumph: (on monitor) Zorak. Oh, (BLEEP).

(Set. Space Ghost is listening to Zorak's directions through headphones.)

Space Ghost: Mm hmm. Okay.

(Moltar is standing next to the desk on a leash, his hands behind his back.)

Space Ghost: Do you have pets, Triumph, like the one I'm showing you?

Triumph: Ehh, yeah, I've got a... Do worms in your ass count as pets?

Space Ghost: Hang on. (listening) Mm hmm?

(In control room, Zorak is muttering gibberish.)

Space Ghost: Good. Yes, they do.

Triumph: I've got about eight roundworm in there. Frederick is, eh, he's the shy one.

Space Ghost: (listening) Uh huh.

Triumph: He just likes to eat.

Space Ghost: Well, I love to eat worms. Out of people's asses!

Triumph: Uhh, ehh, uhh...

Space Ghost: Hold on, he's laughing.

Triumph: Uhh...

Space Ghost: On the subway.

Triumph: How did you get your job?

Space Ghost: (to Moltar) Tell him, dog. (tugs leash) Tell him, dog.

Moltar: Uhh. Scooby Doo.

Space Ghost: That's a good dog.

Triumph: I'm familiar with Scooby and I used to work together for Frank Sinatra, yes. Every now and then we would help him bury hookers in the desert.

Space Ghost: (listening) Good. Well, I run a pack of hookers. Mm hmm. What uh? Oh, yes. Weiner.

Triumph: Uhh, whatever, man. (laughs) You're in trouble, my friend. You're going down faster than Benji did in the Snow Dogs' locker room. Have I mentioned that Benji's queer?

Space Ghost: (listening) Well, I'm queer, too.

Triumph: Uhh...

Space Ghost: Mm hmm.

Triumph: Yes, good observation from the space man.

Space Ghost: I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it.

Triumph: Uhh...

Space Ghost: Mm hmm. And I like to eat my own butt.

Triumph: (laughing) Yes.

Space Ghost: Good. When I'm not killing hookers.

Moltar: Oh, Space Ghost, what are you saying?!

Space Ghost: Shut up, dog. Eat your biscuit! (tugs leash)

Triumph: Is it true that Wonder Woman once violated you with--

Space Ghost: (overlapping) Hang on, I just came up with a new slogan for my foundation. Who wants to hear it?

Triumph: Ahh, please.

Space Ghost: (listening) Mmm. (tentatively) We moisten your dreams with man-urine?

Triumph: (after a beat) Whatever you say with your out of space jargon--

Space Ghost: (overlapping) Won't you help? Just 20 cents a day and (with more conviction) we moisten your dreams with... man-urine. Won't you help? I think I will.

(Space Ghost is now holding a coffee mug, which he lowers behind desk. After a pause, we hear him start to fill it.)

Space Ghost: Won't you help? (under his breath, quickly) Under the desk.

(Quick close-up of Triumph looking perplexed. With a final jiggle behind the desk, Space Ghost finishing filling the mug, which he raises.)

Space Ghost: Now, Moltar, sprinkle my contribution on the children, so that they may dream.

Moltar: Ehh, I'm lost. How does this relate to curing retardos?

Space Ghost: It doesn't, Moltar. Can't you see what I'm doing here? I'm holding my own urine in a cup because I have responsibilities. Won't you help?

(Zorak plays the piano intro to "Desperado" by the Eagles. Space Ghost appears -- sans headphones -- in a spotlight dotted with sparkles. He sings, backed up by the Williams Street Men's Chorus, which is slightly out of phase with him.)

Space Ghost: Hey, retardos, why can't you walk over here?
You've been out mending fences, probably can't even walk now.
But retardos, meet your warm, golden cure,
'Cause you've been out mending fences where you'll never walk alone.
So send me some money or I'll bang you up,
Yes, I'll bang you right up your ass----------

(Brief pause. Space Ghost holds up a large foam hand with one finger raised.)

Space Ghost: So retardos number one forever.

(The backup singers continue going "Ooh" as credits roll.)

Space Ghost: Ladies and gentlemen, if I could just have a moment of your time. Help us save a life, perhaps yours, drop by precious drop. Because we're all the same yellow color inside. Thank you. Only with your urine can we be curin', so please, get up and pee in a cup. And remember, retardos number one, forever.

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